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The Bills were in the London Fog (h/t: Joe Buscaglia). Horrible game in Jax flying out on Friday, McD learned his lesson there (I hope). Good teams ( > .600 winning %) were 0-5 straight up after the game following a London game after losing both SU/ATS as a favorite in London. The Bills made that 1-5 SU (but 0-6 v. the spread). In addition, big favorites (> 7 pts) at home playing non-div on Sunday night football were only 12-22 (now 12-23 ATS). This was a terrible spot for the Bills and they luck boxed themselves into a win. Yes we sucked, but I am looking at this a game we gutted out against a kitchen sink foe who, if they lost, p much has to admit their season is over. Great effort by Daboll and the G-men, but alas, it wasn't enough. I get why Daboll only gave the most perfunctory of handshakes to McD postgame before moving on. You really can't make the mistakes the Giants did and win as a double digit underdog in this league. (The Bills certainly helped them along the way though.)

I'd be interested in hearing from the Bills coaching staff on how preparing for games is changed when coming back and forth from London. It seems to affect a lot of teams, which is why the league offers those teams a bye off of those overseas games. McD and BB escaped further scrutiny on that question with the Houdini act in the 4th quarter v the Giants. (Now they get the bye before KC in week 13 instead.)

Tyler, your writeup and summary mentioned all the high points EXCEPT Tyler Bass missing two 50/50 FG shots. He hits one of those and it's a better situation for the Bills around. Hopefully a blip on the radar for the normally v reliable TB2.

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Contenders on offense in week 6:





SF 2 TDs




MIA & JAX are the two teams with 3+ TDs in Week 6.

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Watching last night I’m not sure the Bills have a run problem as much as an offensive line problem. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to run. The pass blocking was also abysmal. Josh Allen is a magician but they can’t rely on that play after play. He’s not being kept clean back there.

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That was the observation here as well. Don't see Buffalo every game so take it for what it's worth, but the OL really did not look good, passing or running. Allen was running for his life constantly-either because of pressure and/or he's struggling to see the field?-and the run plays all looked like plunges up the middle with very little there. Maybe it's deeper than the line, but if Allen couldn't find Diggs, that offense looked awful.

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