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Feb 25, 2021Liked by Tyler Dunne

Good stuff as always, thanks Tyler, and to Ryan Leaf.

I found that point about former players not being at the table for the CBA negotiations pretty striking. He's exactly right that current players can't project how they'll feel into the future, and may not even consider trying. Seems like an easy and smart thing to fix....

Just thinking out loud, but if Goodell answers to these billionaire owners, wouldn't the best way to get the NFL to actually care about former players' mental health be to get the owners to care? People assume owners are untouchable, and they are definitely living a different life than most, but they are influenced just like anyone else -- by people close to them and personal stories. And I guarantee many all of the owners have some story related to their own, their family's, or their friends' mental health.

Who would be an owner willing to stick his neck out for this cause, and who may have a strong connection to push that, gracefully?

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