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I would not want Lamar Jackson either. He may be a “rare” talent, but, he is still a RB who can throw the ball, not a QB who can run the ball.

Take away his running game and he’s pretty average, maybe slightly above average.

But, the biggest reason that he does not have a contract with Baltimore is that he is foolishly acting as his own agent.

Just like a doctor who should not treat themselves, and especially like the old saying: “A lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool for a client”

A NFL football QB star who represents himself in contract negotiations has a fool for a client.

I suspect that NFL teams are avoiding him, not because of “collusion”....it's more likely they don’t want a fool at QB, literally the most critical position on any team.

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One would think there is some way to insure the Ravens from loss of services if there was a guaranteed contract and Lamar suffered significant injury that kept him from playing. Lioyd's of London perhaps?

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