Podcast: On the Steelers' offense, Aaron Rodgers' PR mastery, NFL team-building and... gambling

Former NFL GM Doug Whaley joins the fellas to break down the "complicated fella" and more.

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The plan for this week’s podcast was to bring Doug Whaley and Karlos Williams together for a little Kumbaya session. The former Buffalo Bills running back didn’t exactly have kind things to say about his former GM so I figured we could air it all out.

Unfortunately, Williams’ schedule must’ve gotten full so we’ll put that chat on ice… for now. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, there sure was still a ton to talk about with Whaley and my co-host, Jim Monos:

  • We check in on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whaley, who was a longtime scout with the Steelers, provides insight into whether this is a team that’ll really pound away with Najee Harris on the ground or keep on throwing 40-plus times a game with Ben Roethlisberger.

  • Aaron Rodgers. Of course. We dissect how the Packers quarterback is handling this offseason from a PR standpoint. Whaley, for one, is unbelievably impressed. As he points out, nobody has said a peep about the NFC Championship Game losses all spring, all summer. He also sees a needle for GM Brian Gutekunst to thread this training camp.

  • For subscribers, we wrote about Facts vs. Feelings in The Thread this week. Both former Bills front office execs weigh in on how you handle a quarterback’s feelings and the rising cost of a franchise quarterback. Should future teams just try spending like crazy around the QB like New England is right now? These two lived through QB “purgatory” in Buffalo and have some thoughts.

  • The NFL is embracing gambling like never before. Could this lead to issues like… point-shaving? Blue Chips in the NFL? Paul Tagliabue is concerned. Should the fans?

  • The NCAA and player likeness. Where does it go from here?

  • And we all get off the rails by the end of the podcast in blasting away at society for looking down upon trades and pushing everyone to college. It’s insane. We’re entering the age of millionaire plumbers and few even know it.

Thanks for listening, everyone.

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