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Isaiah McKenzie Show, Ep 6: What happened to the Bills?

Isaiah McKenzie Show, Ep 6: What happened to the Bills?

Morale could be low after this 41-15 drubbing. The Bills looked nothing like a contender. McKenzie gives everyone a feel for the room, while also discussing his restaurant and taking your questions.

No, this is not how the Buffalo Bills wanted to be playing football into late November. There is legitimate cause for concern.

Unlike last season, they’re not routing opponents with ease. The Indianapolis Colts effectively punched the Bills in the mouth, again and again, through a 41-15 win on Sunday.

So, what now? As we wrote at Go Long, the Bills’ problems run deep into the fabric of how this team was built. They’ll have a chance to turn things around quickly on Thanksgiving Day at New Orleans.

The fans who pour millions of dollars into the NFL don’t get the full story unfortunately with locker rooms closed off to the media this season, which is one reason we started the Isaiah McKenzie Show — he is willing to give everyone a real feel for how this league works through the ups and the downs. As always, McKenzie is honest this episode. He digs into the loss, the mood and his own fumble at the end of the first half.

We also discuss McKenzie’s highly successful BBQ restaurant in Miami. It has become an incredible passion of his with “La Traila Barbecue Miami” voted the No. 1 BBQ spot in South Florida.

And for a good half-hour, McKenzie takes everyone’s questions at Mister’s Bar & Lanes in East Aurora, NY.

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I appreciate everyone for coming on out or listening/watching wherever you are.

We still have four episodes to go, one of which will be held at Mister’s on Jan 3. Feel free to make your reservation for that show today.

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