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Isaiah McKenzie Show, Ep 4: The true story of 'Lil Dirty'

Isaiah McKenzie Show, Ep 4: The true story of 'Lil Dirty'

Teammates said he smells… and has bad breath… and talks too much junk so, of course, we had to give Isaiah McKenzie an opportunity to snipe back here on Episode 4 of The Isaiah McKenzie Show at Go Long.

On the Buffalo Bills’ own sponsored video clip on social media, McKenzie was roasted good.

McKenzie doesn’t hold back with his response.

From there, we learn more about the real “Lil Dirty” on the Isaiah McKenzie Show, live from Mister’s Bar & Lanes in East Aurora, N.Y.

  • The nickname does have merit. He explains. Turns out, Stefon Diggs is to blame for the nickname taking off, too.

  • McKenzie tends to fall asleep any given moment. Maybe it’s a team meeting. Maybe it’s on a hardwood floor at home. Without warning, McKenzie passes out any second of any day. His sister offers some insight, too.

  • The team’s 26-11 win over Miami. How did Buffalo turn it around? This sure wasn’t looking good at halftime. McKenzie again offers a rare peek behind the curtain, explaining who spoke up in the locker room to get this offense rolling. Also, do such motivational speeches work? And can guest speakers like Phil Mickelson really resonate?

  • Are opponents trying to hurt Josh Allen after plays? That appeared to be the case at the end of this win. Allen was not thrilled with Christian Wilkins of the Dolphins.

  • Sadly, McKenzie has never heard of Jim Croce (or Christmas Vacation or George Costanza or Comedy Central), but we do learn which musician he listens to exclusively before every game. His answer may surprise you. Slow, sad music is what actually gets McKenzie’s mind right.

  • He’s living out of a hotel today, but that wasn’t the case as a kid. McKenzie takes us all back to growing up in a one-bedroom apartment with eight siblings in Miami Gardens. Cockroaches and mice became his close friends.

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars are up next so, naturally, we wonder if his head coach Sean McDermott would ever get caught up in the, uh, shenanigans their head coach did. You probably know the answer to that one and McKenzie, again, is hilarious when it comes to his head coach.

  • Your questions. McKenzie answers everything for a good 20 to 25 minutes, promising to give one young fan in attendance the football if he scores a touchdown against the Jaguars.

Thanks for watching and listening, everyone.

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We’ve got six eps to go, two of which will be held at Mister’s Bar & Lanes in East Aurora, N.Y.

Tables fill up fast so if you can make one of the final live shows — Nov. 22 and Jan. 3 (both at 6 p.m.) — be sure to make your reservation on the Mister’s Bar & Lanes website via OpenTable today. Paid subscribers to Go Long get first dibs on a table so, if you’d like, upgrade right here as well: GoLongTD.com.

McKenzie loves hanging out with fans afterward. It’s a family-friendly environment, so feel free to bring your kids.

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