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Tyler - Well done again. DJ has it in front of him. Win this week and the season is a tremendous success. I am in the camp of signing Jones to a short duration contract and adding more pieces. 6 months ago I would have said something different - DJ deserves some praise. He has potential to be the long-term QB. By the way, it took Phil Simms roughly 5 seasons to reach his full potential. The organization is moving in the right direction (finally). Now, Mara and his crew need to leave Schoen/Daboll alone.

By the way, you and your group deserve a ton of credit. The work you published a year ago finally shed light on ownership’s ineptness. However, it took an abomination in the last 2 games of last year to force Mara’s hand. He was about to deal with an outright mutiny of his fan base. Fortunately, he realized it and took the necessary steps. Your work really helped propel the change (the NYC/NJ-based newspapers all continued to use soft gloves on Mara as the season spiraled into a hell hole). Keep up the great work on the league.

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Another great pice Ty! One caveat: as long as the anonymous exec isn’t a former Giant employee I can buy his argument. But all of them hit the nail on the head…where are you going to find someone better? You’re not. So sign DJ. Get some receivers and lineman and see what happens. It’s not as if the rest of the NFC is that much better. In fact, even with the limited talent they have, I think the only team the Giants couldn’t play with are the Eagles. And that changes with only a few additions.

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This is a good piece. I was highly critical of your sidekick Jim on the podcast, but this is balanced.

I still don't understand what Jim and the anonymous NFL exec you quote expect from Jones. I went into this season completely undecided about Jones, but he has won me over. My gawd....look at his receiver room! Going into this year, if you were predicting Giant success, you would have said that Golladay had to regain his former form and Toney showed himself worthy of his draft slot. Neither happened, and the receivers are a guy who started the year in the doghouse (Slayton), a SF slot castoff (Richie James), and a guy waived by Buffalo midseason. As to what Jones does, look at the two TD passes last week. On the one to Bellinger, Jones sensed the pressure, moved up and then ran out of the pocket to buy time. I think it was Jim Nagy who tweeted that no one has done more with less than Jones.

i think it is gonna be a 3 year deal for him somewhere in the $20-30M AAV.

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