Apr 10, 2021Liked by Tyler Dunne

Awesome article. I graduated from Iowa a few years ago, and he can really play. He did have a really bad DUI though... A main drag on campus that I've drunkenly stumbled home along dozens of times he was doing like 70 in a 30 zone after a game, coulda easily killed somebody. Obviously everybody makes mistakes, but in a town where even the worst players are worshipped, just horrible decision making when every sorority girl on campus would've driven him home lol. Then busting his ankle on a flip into the endzone one of his last games... Like c'mon man.

Hoping he learned from those, because the skills are there. QB play has been very sub par his whole career, put him in a good offense as the #3 WR he could put up numbers off the bat. As a Chiefs fan, he'd be a dream of a 3-4th round pick, I just don't want to see him going to a bad organization with no leadership.

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