Richardson will win the Super Bowl right after you win the Pulitzer for most wordy article about an overhyped QB. Fortunately, Bob McGinn is on deck with his comments about the draft. Take over, Bob.

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Is that a category? I’m in.

Hey, a variety of viewpoints is what we should strive for.

You’ll certainly love Jim Monos’ take on Richardson if this is where you stand. Posting soon! (Thanks for reading.)

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I enjoyed the disagreement and Ty pushing Jim for answers and specifics. Both of you talking through the conversion gets us to a place beyond speculation and cliches. Keep it up. Each of you study a clip and tell us what you're seeing. Like any main point, when you're pushed to defend it, it gets stronger or it falls apart. And for the audience, it's just a lot more interesting. Keep doing this, Ty. Anticipate what our questions are and ask. I don't think you can bother Jim or Bob by being curious.

I wonder if Richardson ends up like Malik Willis in the draft itself: media guys saying he's a top ten pick and then the reality of his value becomes clear when he falls to the third.

And yes, you might flinch, but we'd love a mock draft the day beforehand. Mock drafts are fine as long as you don't pump them out everyday.

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If Richardson falls to 6, the Lions will sprint to the podium and take him.

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