The Philadelphia game showed us what Love can do. It gave me hope for the future of the franchise. But I didn’t need to see Love’s performance to know it was time to move on from Rodgers a year ago. Rodgers has just not been good enough against good (playoff) teams in recent years. Instead, he has choked multiple times. I cannot wait to see Jordan Love play this fall.

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Tyler,I’ve really enjoyed all the articles and podcasts about the Rodgers situation. I broke down and watched the McAfee podcast and actually did a laugh/snort at a couple of comments Rodgers made.

I’m so intrigued by the Packers disrespect of Rodgers, to the tune of $200 million give or take, over the course of his career. In fact, I offer my services to the Packers for half, yes I said half of Rodgers combined salaries. I even promise to do no podcasts, interviews, darkness retreats or otherwise speak to the media. I see this as a win/win. No whining by me for half the money!

In all seriousness I’d love an article about what been going on in the Packer offices for the last year or so. They seemed to have gone out on a very weak limb when giving Rodgers his latest contract. IMO he’s not proving to be a trustworthy fellow. Any possibility of a look into Packer mgmt?

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Lets all hope the trade is completely finished very soon and the soap opera is fully behind us!

Lets go #10

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It’s nice that his friend likes him.

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Mr. Dunn,

When are we going to start the real discussions like getting Mark Murphy out prior to 2025 and cleaning house of his entire administrative staff. Next up is the cleaning house of everyone in Football Operations, Russ Ball and his flunkies, next up would be the entire player personnel department Starting with Gutekunst, and finishing it off with the firing of all the entire coaching staff because from where I sit they all stink.

I had this conversation with Bob McGinn when he and his son were running his own thing after retiring from a distinguished career with the Milwaukee journal/Sentinel.

Who I would bring in to run all of Football Operations Jon Dorsey, and I would eliminate CFO/President out of any decision making powers when it comes to player and personnel just like Ron Wolf had it in his tenure.

My new CEO & President would be Scot McCloughan and or Andrew Brandt Each one of these three names had their ties back to the Green Bay Packers and frankly each one of them has mad a positive mark in the NFL.

Jon Dorsey wants back into the Green Bay Packers so bad that he is first going to turn the Detroit Lions into the 2023 NFC North Champions! Scot is a real good man I lived in Colorado where he currently resides, but heck it is Green Bay WI the home of the Lombardi Trophy and he should be leading this organization into the next 3 decades before we turn into the Packers of the 70's and 80's.


Kevin Hartshorn

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