This was excellent content. No fat left on the bone as Tyler says. Doug speaks openly about his experiences with the wisdom of a guy who's been around for a long time but is still energized by the game. Great questions from the audience. Joe's suggestion about an American Idol-style contest for an entry position into a front office is a heck of an idea.

Other ideas:

1. Regarding each team needing a good QB to succeed in the XFL and thus considering a sorting system, I wonder how the XFL could shape its rules so that a team's success is not as heavily dependent on QBs as the NFL is. In fact, this is maybe the NFL's most frustrating problem for a fan: 53 dudes and it generally comes down to one.

2. How could the XFL tailor its league so that excellent football players whose skills don't translate to the NFL are possible all stars in the XFL?

3. Most fans like personal, human interest stories to connect them to the players. At the same time, a percentage of fans want much more about Xs and Os and the human interest bits can get redundant. How can the XFL deliver an approach to satisfy cerebral fans?

4. Fantasy XFL leagues.

Thanks again. Love these talks with GMs and scouts.

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Great to hear unfiltered thoughts from a guy who's been around - find a Green Bay guy next.

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