Really good interview with Kurt Warner. He helps to make sense of what we Packer fans are seeing this season. He’s very reasoned and detailed but in a way the average fan can understand. You know he’s watched film and knows what he’s talking about, instead of winging it like a lot of so-called analysts.

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Kurt is very even keel and a dose of objectivity the fan base could use more of. The goal this year was to eke out a winning record and while that looks very hard right now, it is not out of the realm of possibility. I still believe that is the right measure. I think the trend is probably the bigger concern here in what seems like a regression. I think the offense has the benefit in the first few games of the year but once they have film to work with, defensive coordinators can really get to work. I suspect that could be a factor in the regression. I think we need to be patient. We need to let the rest of the season play out, see how MLF can keep the team together, and infuse some creativity into the team's offense and defense.

Upside: special teams seems to have figured things out for the first time in 20 years ...

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