Discuss: Will the real Josh Allen stand up in the AFC?

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Good luck reading into the Buffalo Bills’ 31-6 dismantlement of the New Orleans Saints with the Saints missing 14 starters. The blowout win on Thanksgiving Night did, however, shine a spotlight on the two directions this season can still go for Buffalo.

The offensive line isn’t very good. The running game was a tick better. But, at this point, the 2021 Bills clearly will go as far as Josh Allen takes them.

In the first half, the $258 Million Dollar Man did not play well with back-to-back interceptions. That Allen will undoubtedly struggle against Bill Belichick’s defense in the Bills’ two games still to come against the Patriots. That Allen won’t scare defenses in the playoffs.

In the second half, Allen looked like an NFL MVP. He finished the night with four touchdowns and 260 yards on 23-of-28 passing, spreading the ball out to all of his weapons.That Allen is capable of throwing everyone on his back and advancing deep into the playoffs.

So, which is it?

The Bills’ identity is clear. There’s no turning back now. They are a pass-first team with issues in the trenches. The Bills are likely hoping Allen gets hot into December and they can avoid Jonathan Taylor, Derrick Henry and Lamar Jackson into January.

Even back to our two-part series that launched Go Long, I don’t think we’ve ever opened up the Josh Allen debate here in the “Discuss” forum, so let’s do it as we all gnaw at leftovers.

Who is the real Josh Allen? How far can he carry the Bills?