Discuss: Who's No. 1?

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Very rarely is there this much mystery surrounding the No. 1 overall pick the week of the draft.

If you’ve been reading Bob McGinn’s nine-part series, you know a lot of that has to do with a lack of elite talent in the 2022 draft. By the sounds of it, many teams are trying to trade down.

Who do you expect the Jacksonville Jaguars to select No. 1 overall — Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson? Georgia’s Travon Walker? Someone else? Here is McGinn’s look at the edge rushers, icymi. Scouts are torn.

The Jaguars spent as much money as they could a month ago in free agency. A smart move with a talented quarterback on a rookie contract. Now, they’ve got to nail this pick.

Feel free to share how you see the top 10 picks going below, too. Not much of a #MockGuy myself, but they are fun.

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