Discuss: Who'll take the AFC West?

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We all tend to be prisoners of the moment in the spring but it’s no hyperbole to declare the AFC West — by far — the best division in pro football. It’s not only about the quarterbacks, either. Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, Russell Wilson and Derek Carr are four of the best but all four rosters loaded up at key positions in free agency.

Each team wields two premier pass rushers to get after these passers, too.

Not sure where I stand yet. Let’s see how the draft plays out. Right now, I’m bullish on the Wilson-Hackett partnership. Both sincerely eat, sleep and breathe the game and, I think, will find a way to stay a step ahead schematically. Denver’s supporting cast is strong, too. Of course the fella pictured above, Herbert, is ascending at a jarring rate and one of the best playcallers in the sport, Josh McDaniels, has a lot to work with in Vegas. I’ll also have a story on Carr soon at Go Long, examining a key turning point for the quarterback at Fresno State. What a relatable guy he is.

Let’s hear your thoughts.

Who do you like in this fight-to-the-death division?