I think that it has to be Green Bay. Keeping Rodgers despite a playoff blunder is a huge win, and it will likely bring back the likes of Davante Adams as well. Another season of grading Rodgers for Bob McGinn!

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I would agree. Rodgers is worth it on the field, he's just a headache off it and the cost is high. Washington going for Wentz was a desperation move and not worth the cost. I'm not confident Seattle will be in good shape, although Mariota could be interesting there. Jimmy could work in Indy, they've proven they can win with a solidly competent QB so not too worried. Someone will sign Watson and everyone will pretend 22 women didn't accuse him of sexual harassment, and that is just really shitty and gross. Wilson is the best move, he may have some questions, but the track record is too good for him to not be a difference maker.

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Terribly disappointed in Packers management and how they’ve handled this off-season, so far. Tons of money spent for another potential division title and a quick exit from the playoffs because there will be no defensive presence after Campbell leaves for the dollars he deserves. Even as I’m typing these words, I just can’t believe it. We’ll, at least we’ll get to see Rodgers stick his toes in a camera and tell us how emotionally connected he is to them. Especially the little one.

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I get that Russell Wilson is good. But ... does he actually make Denver into an immediate contender? Is he that good? Do we really know?

He throws a better deep ball than perhaps anyone in the game, but pretty touch hasn't really translated to a ton of success. Seattle has been mediocre since the days of their fiercely dominant defense, the Legion of Boom. Yes, we should remember that he took the league by storm, won a Super Bowl on a rookie deal, then lost a Super Bowl next year. But what after that?

(Similar to Mahomes, but for two differences: one, the Chiefs were not close to beating Tampa as the Seahawks were to New England; and two, people were talking about Wilson as a superstar, but not as a once-in-a-generation, this-guy-will-change-the-way-the-game-is-played superstar, as they have Mahomes.)

The big knock on Wilson has always actually been a knock on Carroll / Seattle's playcalling -- that Russ was stuck behind a run-first philosophy. But I don't know. It's been a decade since he's had postseason success. I'm not convinced that he's gonna succeed immediately on a new team, with a new system, with a new head coach, and... a crazy competitive division. Don't get me wrong, I'm here for Mahomes-Wilson and Herbert-Wilson twice a year. But I'm not sold on Wilson as a top-5 qb, and not sold that his presence automatically elevates Denver to SB contenders.

Agree that Wentz-to-Washington is surprising, but given that the partnership with Reich didn't pan out I don't see Carson having any success to speak of with the Commanders. I have to think the Indy divorce was a Wentz-problem and not a Reich-problem. I would guess Wentz is headed for the remainder of his career in a backup role at best after another year or two.

(Also how in hell did Kirk Cousins get another extension? What is happening to people's brains in frigid Minnesota?)

So with all that context, I guess I have to argue that Rodgers returning to GB is the best move of the year so far. I'm over Rodgers and his prima donna-ness, but he is exceptional at the position and the position is the most important in sports. So I see the logic from Packers' brass.

Not commenting on Deshaun Watson's situation other than to say sexual assault should be disqualifying for a professional athlete.

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Why are we just assuming Denver has this ready made Super Bowl caliber roster?

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Not the Packers!! This was the perfect opportunity for GB to turn the page with a boatload of picks and no cap issues. I would have hoped that GB traded any 2022 picks received in the trade for 2023 picks and rolled the dice with Love for 1 year. I would also hoped that GB tagged Adams and traded him for more picks. If Love is not the answer, then use the picks for the QB upgrade either in the draft (likely) or in a trade. GB will probanly go 13-4 and lose in the first round and face the Rodgers drama again. When Rodgers finally is done in GB, the rebuild will be painful with huge cap problems for a couple of years.

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Denver won't win with Wilson so it wasn't worth it. The WFC won't win with Wentz so it wasn't worth it. If the Packers can get a second round pick for Love they win. Oh - whoever gets Watson won't win either.

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“GM Chris Ballard has done a lot right but, until he finds a quarterback, this team will remain in 9-win no man’s land.”

I find Ballard a fascinating talker and think he’s done a number of very good things in Indy as a GM. They’re in a great place apart from one position - the most important position.

If he doesn’t fix this soon then do we have to reconsider the notion of Ballard as one of the league’s premiers GMs?

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