Discuss: Which Year 2 QB takes the leap?

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Good morning, everyone! (And, ICYMI, here are the details on this week’s special Zoom Happy Hour. We’ll welcome Wyatt Teller on this coming Saturday — he will not disappoint.)

This week’s Discuss question may seem straightforward but there are so many variables to consider.

Which of the five quarterbacks drafted in the first round last season takes the leap in 2022?

Trey Lance is in the best possible situation. Mac Jones made the playoffs as a rookie. Trevor Lawrence, the former Clemson champ, had the most talent coming in. Zach Wilson and Justin Fields are wild cards. I love what the Jets have done around Wilson — GM Joe Douglas is your official offseason MVP. The Bears? Eh. Luke Getsy should be a great teacher of the position, but they didn’t do their QB any favors personnel-wise.

We’ll get into it all on this thread, but I’ll still roll with Lance. He’s got the rare physical gifts to both shimmy and slam his way to 100 yards as a runner and do damage deep with his arm. With a full offseason to piece together a playbook, I’d put my money on Kyle Shanahan. It sure doesn’t hurt to have the best tight end in football (George Kittle), the most versatile threat in football (Deebo Samuel) and a damn good offensive line, too.

Have at it.