Discuss: Which new NFL rule do you want?

Good morn, everyone! Things have a been a tick quieter here the last few days. We’ve got some big things cookin’ at Go Long and I cannot wait to share with everyone soon.

In the meantime, the NFL Owners Meetings are being held down in Florida.

This is when new, dumb rules are typically added to a rulebook that's about 987 pages too long. If there’s anything we don’t need in society, it’s more rules and regulation that confuse all involved. So, let’s hear your best change to the NFL below. Maybe there is something logical that must be changed. After that instant classic between Buffalo and KC in the playoffs, a tweak to OT seemed overdue but Mike Tomlin, for one, is a “sudden death advocate”, a “traditionalist.” I do respect not wanting to get too crazy. (Nobody likes the guy in your fantasy league proposing bizarre changes 17 minutes before your draft, right?)

Also, stay tuned for more from Jim Monos this week. The longtime personnel man will share some of his best stories from the draft for subscribers. Here’s his look at free agency last week, icymi.