I'm not a Bill's fan, so I'm coming at this from an outside perspective in a sense. I think in order to win big in this league, you need to have elite players and Stefon Diggs is an elite player. Would I be comfortable paying receivers this sort of money? No. I actually think the way that the position has gone you're better off just constantly reloading similar to how running backs have been treated. However, with that said, I think Diggs is the type of player you make an exception for. I think it's a move they probably had to make, the optics would've been poor after the owners swindled the public into paying 2/3rds of their new stadium. I give the Bills credit for acting fast, prioritizing Stefon now and paying him a premium and not letting it linger/fester with the potential of turning into a Davante Adams situation a year from now.

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Apr 6, 2022·edited Apr 6, 2022

If not now, when? Kudos to One Bills Drive for realizing the opportunity they have, even if some lean years may come given the financial ramifications.

In each of the past four seasons, I've felt the Bills have righted a wrong:

2018: Found (unbeknownst to them at the time) their franchise QB—after decades of ineptitude

2019: Reached the postseason—without an insane amount of final-week luck going their way

2020: Won a playoff game—avoiding a second consecutive postseason stumble that could have become a mental roadblock

2021: Punched back—after the Patriots punched them in the mouth on MNF (their rebound from that humiliating loss to win the division, and subsequently strafing New England in the playoffs, is the most overlooked part of last season, given its conclusion)

In 2022, the wrong the Bills must right is simply finishing the job. There cannot be more incentive to win a road playoff game or—even better—avoid having to play one altogether. Anything can happen, of course, but the pieces are in place to take this final step. Anything other than reaching the Super Bowl must be considered a missed opportunity.

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sorry...off topic

C'mon, Bob...I'm tired of reading draft stuff from people that know nothing! I know nothing, why would I want to read stuff from other people that know nothing? Yet I do...

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My thoughts on this?



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