Discuss: Stefon Diggs is a rich man

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The news was mildly surprising after we saw both the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers deal their No. 1 wide receivers. Despite having one of the game’s richest quarterbacks on the books, the Buffalo Bills have found a way to pay Stefon Diggs. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the extension is worth $104 million over four years.

Buffalo could’ve played hardball and gotten quite a haul for Diggs via trade but GM Brandon Beane is all in. This is an offense that hopes to play at 100 MPH as long as Josh Allen is the quarterback.

It’s Super Bowl-or-Bust in Buffalo now. Who could have imagined that during the drought? I imagine the Bills fans here will gladly choose this scenario over salary-cap discipline. Diggs turns 29 years old this season yet does a great job of keeping his body in shape. He’ll be a happy employee. And it should be noted that he asserted himself as a leader from Day 1. Here’s a story from the 2020 season, icymi.

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Let’s hear your thoughts on the contract and what this means for the Bills below…