Deshaun Watson is a Cleveland Brown. Let's discuss.

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So, Deshaun Watson changed his mind, eh?

After apparently eliminating the Cleveland Browns as a potential suitor, the quarterback did a 180 and chose the Browns. He had a few reasons to change his mind, too — 230,000,000 to be exact. Several outlets have reported that Watson’s new five-year, $230 million contract is “fully guaranteed.” That’s $80 million more than the previous record for guaranteed money. In return, the Texans will reportedly receive three first-round picks and two additional picks. Earlier today, we took a look at Cleveland’s plight when it appeared Watson had narrowed his choice down to Atlanta and New Orleans.

But as the great Brian Johnson of AC/DC once said, money talks. This is an unbelievably steep price, but the Browns eventually gave the Texans and Watson offers they could not refuse.

Of course, this has been a complicated courtship for all teams. While cleared criminally, Watson is still facing 22 civil suits. The accusations are damning and Browns ownership must answer some difficult questions at the podium.

There’s never been any questioning Watson’s game. He’s one of the best players in the sport.

Let’s hear what you all think right here.