Jan 4 • 52M

Damar Hamlin, life and football

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Tyler Dunne
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Damar Hamlin has entered the fight of his life. The signs, so far, are good. This is the scariest thing any of us have seen on a football field.

We try to make sense of something so senseless here on the podcast, discussing the amazing life of Damar Hamlin, the night itself and what this means for the sport of football.

You can learn who Hamlin is as a person in this GoLongTD.com feature from July 2021: https://www.golongtd.com/p/why-damar-hamlin-is-exactly-what

Here is my column as well: https://www.golongtd.com/p/the-light-in-footballs-most-horrific

Thanks, everyone.

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