Thanks so much Tyler and Bob for encapsulating this debacle with no minced words and telling it like it is (Bob: “Everybody knows they’re not going to win a SB with this guy okay?”

Tyler: “Aaron Rodgers’ mental decline is what’s most surprising”)


Truth to power

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Always enjoy Bob's insights. Too often, podcasts feed me analytics or player grades from PFF for example. Not here, not with Bob. Bob spent 8 hours watching tape of one game, and knows exactly what his eyes are telling him. And yes....AJ Dillon is overrated and wonderlic scores do matter, especially those single digit examples.

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Today's presser with GB's GM inviting Rodgers to come back was self-masochistic for all smart Packer fans who know it's time Rip Of The Band-Aid ....i.e., It's time for Jordan Love and for the GM to implore Rodgers to OK a trade, IF (if!) he can find a team that will accept the Heavy Ball & Chain $59M 2023 contract for #12 and the $40-$50M he will command for a two-year commitment from any team that will still want him.

Yes, change is difficult, but the GM and Mr. Murphy need to face reality: Like Bob wrote, #12 is 2-8-1 vs. the spread in his last 11 elimination games.

That's not a misprint typo, folks....Hopefully, this week, the GM and Mr. Murphy and Mr. LaFleur ALL told #12 at a meeting that "we're going a different direction; to which teams will you accept a trade if the cap $ work for your chosen team?, Aaron"*

(* = I see TN, Miami, LA, and Houston as candidates that could pay the $90-$100M #12 will wish for the next two years.....)

What do other folks wish to state about this topic, please?

Tyler: Your thoughts? Regards, Daniel

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This was outstanding as always. Extra bonus for reading the Jamaal Williams quote, hilarious!

Bob's point about the opening kickoff was terrific. My initial takeaway from the game (admittedly missing big parts of it early putting kids to bed) was that GB was moving it easily and Jared Goff looked awful early, but the field goals came back to haunt them. But indeed Detroit bottled up Nixon like no other team has, and clearly the long game favored the Lions.

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The really sad point in all of this is the draft picks! Walker, Wyatt, Deguara, Dillon to name a few. I’ve come across a few people from time to time who think they are the smartest guy in the room and I’m afraid Gutenkunst falls into the category. Id really like to hear Bobs take on him as well as their scouts.

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Hell Yea, memories!

Hung like hell, a friend stopped over, "You still wanna go?

Pushing 11 A.M, with a 2+ hr drive we made it by halftime.

Froze our asses off with 1st row end zone seats.

Pack pummeled Barry that day with -1yds.

Good times!

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