Congrats on the awards, Ty! Well done.

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1978 Pats at Jets - first game my dad took me to. Pat Leahy hooks a short FG in our EZ, Pats win.

76/77 Raiders Vikings SB. First one I remember.

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Congrats! Well deserved.

BTW, don't tell Edmund, but the squirrels are playing with him...not the other way around. Can't you hear them giggling?

Football memories? wow...four championship moments...

1 - Bart Starr sneaks in behind Jerry Kramer to beat the Cowboys

2 - Dave Robinson grabs Don Meredith on 4th down, causing a Tom Moore interception to ice the next championship

3 - Desmond Howard returns the kick-off for a TD to short-circuit New England's comeback...my son said he thought I was going to run right out the front door. It was just a little hold...

4 - Aaron Rodgers hits Greg Jennings on third and long to get a much needed first down in the 4th quarter, allowing the Packers to run clock and score, leading to another championship win. Tightest window ever. (honorable mention..."Jarrett Bush, making plays!")(second honorable mention..."Spill it, Pickett! Spill it!)

Let's see if Jordan Love can get me one more before I leave this mortal coil.

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