The week at Go Long: Get ready for Week 11 right here.

Miss anything from this past week? Catch up inside, from Chase Claypool's unique perspective to Leroy Hoard dishing on all things Browns, Baker and Belichick to our new Super Bowl predictions.

Good morning, Go Long readers. I hope everyone out there is ready to watch some “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” this fine Thanksgiving Week. What a classic. John Candy’s idiosyncrasies as Del Griffith age better and better every year.

Until then, Week 11 is loaded with playoff implications in the NFL.

Be on the lookout these next two weeks for a longform story on one team at a major crossroad, too.

In case you missed anything from this past week, I figured we’d share the links here. Thank you all for reading and sharing with a friend. Never hesitate to reach out at, and I hope to see the locals in Western New York Monday night at Mister’s Bar & Lanes for another episode of the Isaiah McKenzie Show. We’ll start up at 6 p.m. (EST). You can make your reservation right here.

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Chase Claypool is one of a kind. (And needed.)

We travel down to Pittsburgh to sit down with wide receiver Chase Claypool. He’s a man with many opinions — and a perspective that’s quite refreshing in 2021.

The Steelers will need him tonight against the Chargers, too.

“Obviously society has grown very, very soft. with what we can and cannot say.

“I always say if the ‘Bad Boys,’ the Pistons, had social media in today’s world, it’d be a world crisis. No one could handle that. So I’m like, if I tweet something or say something that’s not that malicious — and people take it seriously — there’s nothing I can do. You can’t please everyone.”

Go Long
Why the NFL needs Chase Claypool
PITTSBURGH — The great source of hope exits the practice field and takes a seat on a bench along the sideline. As the sun beats down, there’s a cool confidence to his strut. Chase Claypool is taller than you’d think and loosens the shoelaces on his Air Jordan cleats with freakishly long fingers…
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Leroy Hoard has many thoughts on the Browns of old and the Browns of today.

On the Go Long Podcast, the former Browns and Vikings running back didn’t hold back.

His opinion of Baker Mayfield may surprise you. Both sides may be best together for at least two more seasons.

Also, for the WNY’ers here, Hoard digs into the Bills stadium situation. (He remembers the Browns stadium ordeal in the 90s all too well.)

Go Long
Podcast: Leroy Hoard on the Browns of old, new and what to do with Baker Mayfield...
Now, this was fun. With the Cleveland Browns in the news this week, I figured it was worth checking in with a bashing running back of yesteryear: Leroy Hoard. The former Pro Bowler led the Browns to an 11-5 record and a playoff win in 1994 and has countless memories to share on Art Modell and the franchise’s emotional relocation to Baltimore…
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Who’s going to win the Super Bowl? The Go Long panel discusses.

Ex-Bills personnel man Jim Monos sees the Bills finally punching through.

Bob McGinn is high on the team he’s covered since the 1970s.

We also hit on our biggest surprises and disappointments this 2021 season.

Go Long
Midseason Predictions! Who's going to the Super Bowl? Who's winning MVP?
We won’t waste your time linking back to our preseason predictions. No use in doing that whatsoever, no sir. Instead, we’ll humbly step to the podium in our ripped hoodies and speak in a low mumble. We’re on to Week 11. We’re only concerned with everything ahead of us…
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Isaiah McKenzie Show, Ep 5: 'I was grazed by a bullet once'

What a wild, wild story the Bills wide receiver shares from his childhood.

Yes, a bullet nearly took his life.

McKenzie also has some interesting things to say about Stefon Diggs and the No. 1 wide receiver’s temper on the field. He’s the one who has to calm Diggs down out there when he’s not getting the ball. Case in point: Jacksonville.

This wide receiver room should be a sitcom, really.

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Isaiah McKenzie Show, Ep 5: 'I was grazed by a bullet once'
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Ty & Bob Pod, Ep 12: It's an A.J. Dillon World, everyone

The Packers keep on rolling. How? With defense and a running game. These aren’t your 2011 Packers. Running the offense through this 247-pounder is a swell idea, too.

Also, Bob’s “McGinn Memory” doesn’t disappoint.

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Ep 12: It's an A.J. Dillon World, everyone
Listen now (111 min) | The defense delivered. This is as bad as Russell Wilson has looked in years. The injuries continued to pile up. Losing Aaron Jones for any amount of time would sting. The MVP quarterback didn’t play well. Nor did it matter. And as the weather turns, it’s clearly…
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Run to glory.

Our Monday column explores why the running game is BACK in 2021. It pays to punch a team in the mouth this season. An AFC front office exec explains, too.

Go Long
Real football is back, baby, and it's beautiful
Too many football games have become unwatchable this 2021 season. No longer is it just our grandfathers cursing “The refs!” at the television set. The officiating has become such an objective disgrace that vitriol crosses every conceivable demographic…
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