Jun 16, 2021 • 1HR 11M

The Steelers, Aaron Rodgers, NFL team-building in 2021 and... gambling!

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Tyler Dunne
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We get into just about everything on this episode of the Go Long Podcast with recurring guest, former Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley.

While Karlos Williams didn't join the show as anticipated, we still plan on bringing everyone together to sing a little kumbaya. Whaley breaks down the Steelers' confusing direction on offense --- will it be Ben's show? Run-first? Of course, we have to talk some Aaron Rodgers. Whaley is beyond impressed with how the QB has masterfully manipulated the messaging all offseason.

Could NFL teams, as we wrote at GoLongTD.com, look to build teams differently after this chaotic offseason? Whaley and Monos, who lived in quarterback "purgatory" themselves, have some thoughts.

And we dive deep into gambling. Former commish Paul Tagliabue sees potential problems. Our resident gambling experts break down whether or not they see point-shaving as a future issue.

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