Thank you all. Here's what's next...

How’s it going, everyone? Wow. I really cannot put into words how much I appreciate all of you.

Go Long launched Tuesday afternoon and your unbelievably kind phone calls, texts, tweets, emails and subscriptions have been lighting up the screens here at “Go Long HQ” ever since. If I wasn’t able to get back to you, I will. And, please, never hesitate to reach out. Like I mentioned in the introductory post, my goal is for this to be true community.

You can email me any time with any thoughts at all at

To everyone who subscribed, THANK YOU.

And to everyone who signed up for the free posts to feel us out, THANK YOU as well. The plan here is to roll out our stories for free these first few weeks so everyone can get a sense of the kind of coverage you can expect. (I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated down, too.)

Which brings us to this week, a holiday week. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’ll post our first feature — a two-parter on a quarterback many of you know well — Wednesday AM to serve as an appetizer of sorts for your Thursday family feasts… and then into Black Friday we’ll rev right into the rhythm I detailed when you signed up. Count on another enterprise story then, into “The Thread” on Monday, the “Go Long Q&A” on Wednesday, a profile on Thursday, right into another feature Friday.

Stoked to get this rolling. Thanks again, everyone.