Apr 28 • 30M

Return of the Back! (Round 1 was fun)

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Tyler Dunne
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Let Detroit and Atlanta cook -- running backs are back, baby. Why Anthony Richardson and the Colts are a perfect fit. Dalton Kincaid is exactly what Buffalo needs. Houston's no longer interested in losing on purpose. Seattle got excellent value.

All of these takes, and more, on a solo pod this evening.

I think we'll all look back at this as the day the Falcons became a legitimate threat: https://www.golongtd.com/p/the-atlanta-falcons-have-stepped

Scouts on Van Ness, Kincaid, Banks: https://www.golongtd.com/p/the-mystery-of-lukas-van-ness

Happy Hour with Bob McGinn: https://www.golongtd.com/p/the-mystery-of-lukas-van-ness

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