Reminder: Subscribe to Go Long annually = Get a hoodie (or crew)

And if you currently subscribe, we've got options for you, too. Details inside.

Good morning, everyone. Hope you all survived the free agency frenzy on Monday. Keep it refreshed here to join the conversation throughout the week if you subscribe. We’re breaking down the biggest moves.

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I’m chippin’ away at a couple features here on Tuesday but wanted to remind everyone that has signed up to the free email list that if you subscribe to Go Long this week at the annual rate, you’ll get a free hoodie or crew sweatshirt. Just ding this button, and I’ll get in touch immediately to arrange.

Already subscribe to Go Long? While I wish we had these babies from Day 1, we’ve got a few options for you as well:

  • Outright buy a hoodie or crew for $35.

  • If you’re interested in upgrading from your monthly membership or extending your current annual subscription for a year, please contact me at or and we’ll make it happen.

  • If you’re able to refer Go Long to three people, we’ll ship you a hoodie/crew and extend your subscription a year.

  • Gift a friend Go Long, annually, and you can get one as well.

    Give a gift subscription

Thank you everyone for taking advantage of this offer. We’ll be shipping these off ASAP.

Never hesitate to reach. Have a great rest of the week.