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Podcast: Why the Rams are champs

The officiating was a mess but we shouldn't dismiss what L.A. pulled off in its own stadium. Meanwhile, the heartbreak in Cincy will linger. (We look ahead to the offseason, too.)

No, this wasn’t the most visually appealing affair but maybe that’s what makes Super Bowl LVI memorable, too. This was a slugfest between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals with imperfect play calls and, of course, imperfect officiating.

And when it was time to make a play, wide receiver Cooper Kupp and defensive tackle Aaron Donald performed like studs.

We dissect it all on the podcast with former Buffalo Bills director of personnel (and current XFL director of football ops) Jim Monos:

  • Making sense of Matthew Stafford’s season and performance Sunday night. We’ll be watching his throw of the night for years, too. What a gem.

  • Why we shouldn’t assume Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, any elite quarterback will get opportunities like this every year. Monos has experience down this road as an ex-Saints scout. The road is long.

  • The moments we’ll remember from this game for years. Tyler Boyd won’t forget what happened with six minutes to go, that’s for sure.

  • Are the Rams built to win more Super Bowls?

  • A look ahead to Aaron Rodgers’ uncertain offseason with a quick whip around the NFL. We’ll have a lot to talk about these next few months.

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