Podcast: Which AFC quarterbacks deserve the blank check?

It's time for Baltimore, Cleveland and Buffalo to pay up. But how much? And where will the careers of these QBs go from here? We dig into it all on the Go Long Podcast.

This is a beautiful problem to have, No. 1.

It sure as hell beats the alternative.

You’d much rather be trying to decide whether or not to pay a quarterback an obscene amount of money vs. a historic amount of money than trot Charlie Frye or Trent Edwards out there. All three of these teams — Baltimore, Cleveland and Buffalo — are in a fantastic spot. All three can realistically contend for a Super Bowl title this season.

So, who’ll blink first?

And what do the futures of Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen entail?

On this episode of the Go Long Podcast, we discuss all three players at length. Even if the franchises would like to see their respective quarterbacks perform just one more season, they certainly all know they should pay up sooner rather than later if they believe. The QB market will only continue to skyrocket.

We also rant on people treating fast-food employees poorly, work a little NBA talk in and, of course, finish with a conversation on where things stand with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers two weeks before training camp begins.

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Thanks, everyone.