Podcast: What happened to EJ Manuel in Buffalo? More than anyone knew.

The former first-round pick opens up on the Go Long Podcast. When he was benched in Year 2 by the Buffalo Bills, Manuel entered a dark depression. That, and a ton more...

If EJ Manuel knew now what he knew then, the 2013 first-round pick would’ve handled everything a lot differently.

On this week’s episode of the Go Long Podcast, the former Buffalo Bills quarterback reflects like never before.

My co-host Jim Monos, the Bills’ director of personnel then, hasn’t been shy in saying the franchise mishandled Manuel. To recap, four games into Year 2, Manuel was benched for Kyle Orton and… that was that. He was done. Who knows if this quarterback would’ve ever panned out but the team’s plan — all along — was somewhere between sloppy and nonexistent. And, today, we’re seeing other NFL teams wander in a similar wilderness with rookie quarterbacks.

In our conversation, Manuel looks back to relive everything.

Manuel details the dark place he entered after getting benched in 2014. He fell into a depression and was never able to get his career back on track. By Year 3, he knew his own team didn’t want him and that it didn’t matter what he did in the preseason.

Today, he’s doing great. Manuel is an analyst for the ACC Network and ESPN. It’s therapeutic to look back, too.

I think you’ll enjoy this raw, candid conversation. You can download the Go Long Podcast wherever you get your podcasts with links and a video below.

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