Podcast: There will be blood in the NFC West

An inside look at the quarterback conundrum in San Francisco and why the level of physicality is just higher in the NFC West with analyst John Middlekauff.

Teams in the NFC West did not mess around this offseason. Everyone in this division underwent major reconstruction.

Arizona paid up for vets like JJ Watt and AJ Green.

Seattle nearly traded Russell Wilson before, then, keeping Russell Wilson. Their hope is that new OC Shane Waldron modernizes the offense.

Los Angeles dumped Jared Goff for Matthew Stafford. Draft picks be damned.

And, of course, San Francisco traded three firsts for the rights to draft Trey Lance… a quarterback who’s been lighting it up in camp. (Lance just may tip the balance of powers in the entire conference, too.)

On the Go Long Podcast, we continue our whip around the league with a look at what may be the most competitive division in football. The excellent John Middlekauf joins us to talk all things 49ers, Lance, Kyle Shanahan and why this division is just different. The co-host of the “Haberman and Middlekauf Podcast” covers the 49ers daily and, like my co-host, is a former NFL scout.

I think you’ll enjoy this conversation.

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