Podcast: The offseason of quarterback CHAOS

Most of the dust has settled, with one notable exception in Green Bay. Where do teams stand?

For a good five months now, NFL quarterbacks have dominated the headlines.

The NBA and NHL postseasons have even taken a backseat to Rodgers Watch.

On this episode of the Go Long Podcast, we dig into it all. From Deshaun Watson to Russell Wilson to Aaron Rodgers to Justin Fields, it’s been a wild ride for most all teams. And as subscribers read here at Go Long, the QB-desperate Chicago Bears were central to all of the madness.

They swung for the fences through March — nearly connected on Wilson — and ended up with Ohio State’s dynamic Fields.

This is a new era of pro football with the star QBs trying to manifest their own destinies.

Former Bills director of personnel Jim Monos and myself break down the Bears’ odyssey, analyze the Rodgers’ situation out of his ESPN spot, look back at the Bills’ QB decision in 2017 and talk plenty of Tebowmania.

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Also, be on the lookout Friday AM for a lengthy profile on Miami Dolphins receiver Lynn Bowden Jr., who just may be the greatest hidden weapon in the NFL this season. We spent some time together down in Florida and, suffice to say, his 2020 was something else.

Thank you, everyone.