Podcast: The GM perspective on the Aaron Rodgers/Packers standoff

Former NFL general manager Doug Whaley joins the podcast.

Three years ago, Doug Whaley interviewed for the Green Bay Packers’ general manager job.

The team of course promoted from within with Brian Gutekunst and, now, Gutekunst is in an all-time standoff with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers does not want to play for the Packers… the Packers have maintained that they will not trade him… so here we are. This could all linger on for weeks. Maybe months. We’ve heard plenty from those around Rodgers’ camp, but what about Gutekunst? The Packers couldn’t care less about messaging and the public narrative right now but there is a GM perspective to consider through this all.

This week, we heard from the man who started this Packer Way: Hall of Famer Ron Wolf.

And on the Go Long Podcast linked below, Whaley offers his unique perspective.

Better communication might’ve helped but we keep coming back to one common theme: What is Aaron Rodgers so afraid of?

Also on this episode, Whaley relives the team’s decision to cut fan favorite Fred Jackson. I don’t think our Bills and Packers readers here will want to miss this episode…