Podcast: The Aaron Rodgers Saga is over (or is it?)

We debate and discuss how the No. 1 summer storyline in sports concluded. Did the Packers win? Rodgers? It's all up to interpretation. (Green Bay can't look back now.)

Now, this is a Hail Mary. Aaron Rodgers is back in Green Bay.

Is everything A-OK at Lambeau Field? Is it time to blare “Bang the Drum” and act like this offseason of discontent never happened?

Or is this just the beginning of a 2021 season full of drama? The Green Bay Packers are now welcoming all potential drama, as we wrote in a column right here for Go Long subscribers. Quite possibly, the Packers are only delaying the divorce and missed an opportunity to load up on picks and players.

Time will tell.

In the meantime, longtime NFL personnel man Jim Monos and myself discussed and debated all things Rodgers and Packers on the podcast this week. You can catch up at a link below or wherever you get your podcasts.