Podcast: One week in, let's freak out

Should the Bills and Packers be worried? It's complicated. We discuss with longtime NFL personnel man Jim Monos on the podcast.

Need to lift your spirits? Look up the results from past Week 1’s in the NFL.

What you see in the opener isn’t always what you’ll get the rest of the season.

That being said, no, this is not how the Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers and others hoped to start their season. Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers are paid to rise above whatever’s going wrong around them. Now, both will need to bounce back in a big way this week.

On the latest episode of the Go Long Podcast with former NFL personnel man Jim Monos, we replay the ups and downs from Week 1 and, mostly, look ahead.

We also preview the “Monos Report,” which will provide a unique perspective on quarterback play this 2021 season. Monos, who has worked in personnel for the Eagles, Saints and Bills, will grade every snap from every quarterback every week at Go Long.

Who graded out No. 1 in Week 1? The quarterback who nearly lost his leg a few years back: Teddy Bridgewater. (Monos explains.)

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