Podcast: On Aaron Rodgers' deceit & Odell Beckham Jr's future

What a week in pro football, eh? Rodgers' calculated ruse ends in a blaze of glory, while OBJ's career resets again. We get into it all on the podcast.

Aaron Rodgers says he wants a “conversation,” not a “controversy.” Great. Let’s have another Rodgers-themed conversation on the Go Long Podcast.

Holy, what a week.

As he’s done before, Rodgers decided to go scorched earth in an interview. This time, it’s because his jig was up and he had no other choice. After effectively lying to the public — afraid of outsiders discovering he was unvaccinated — Rodgers got Covid himself, didn’t have a choice but to speak and held one whopper of a chat with Pat McAfee.

On this episode of the Go Long Podcast, former Bills director of personnel Jim Monos and myself try to offer a perspective you haven’t heard these last 72 hours on all things Rodgers and Odell Beckham Jr. (Hopefully your hearing is still intact, too.)

While there’s certainly some good in what Rodgers had to say, his take on “silencing” people is quite interesting given his past. And not too long ago, Monos was dining with OBJ at Tempo Restaurant ahead of the 2014 NFL Draft. What did he learn about the wide receiver’s personality then?

Also, it was announced this week that a pair of previous Go Long Podcast guests would be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame. Feel free to replay our eps with Roman Harper and Jahri Evans, and congrats to both. (They didn’t disappoint during their Zooms with us.)

Thanks for listening, everyone.

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