Podcast: Levon Kirkland on the 'Blitzburgh' 90s, Kordell, Big Ben & today's NFL

The (large) man in the middle of the decade's most intimidating defense hangs out with Go Long for an hour-plus. There are stories to share...

There will never be another defense quite like the “Blitzburgh” Steelers of the 1990s.

They were mean. They were violent. They… probably could not exist in today’s NFL.

We take a look back at the Steelers of old and the Steelers of today on this week’s edition of the Go Long Podcast. It’s an interesting time for a team quarterbacked by the 39-year-old Ben Roethlisberger. There’s some sound logic to this franchise’s desire to win now, but the future Hall-of-Famer has struggled.

Kirkland is a master storyteller and doesn’t hold back on…

  • His pal, Greg Lloyd, who once smashed his wrist and left permanent damage. Lloyd was one of a kind.

  • His own game. At 280, Kirkland could still carry tight ends up the seam.

  • The “Art of Defense,” and what exactly made that Steelers 3-4 defense so special.

  • His memorable battles with fullbacks Sam Gash and Howard Griffith. (Kirkland rights the history, too.)

  • Why he believes Kordell Stewart was held back at QB — Kirkland says “Slash” was made for today’s NFL, too.

  • What’s up with the Steelers of today? Kirkland has some thoughts. He believes the quarterback is holding the team back.

ICYMI, here’s our feature at Go Long last season on the history of the Steelers’ linebacker, too, through the eyes of Kirkland, Joey Porter, Chad Brown and Vince Williams. It’s a tradition unlike any other in the NFL. And Kirkland helps bring it all to life here on the pod for those in need of a little 90s nostalgia.

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