Podcast: Football nearly killed Chris Simms

The former NFL quarterback is one of the sharpest analysts covering the sport today. On the Go Long Podcast, Simms relives his near-death experience and explains why he loves Josh Allen so, so much.

There are injuries on a football field and, then, there’s what Chris Simms experienced in 2006 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

One hit against Carolina led to severe internal bleeding that could’ve killed the former NFL quarterback. Rushed into surgery, he needed his spleen removed.

Then, of course, Simms decided to keep on playing this violent game.

On this episode of the Go Long Podcast, Simms spends 80 minutes reliving the horrific injury and so much more. Today, you can catch him as an analyst on NBC Sports and on Twitter @CSimmsQB.

Throughout this episode, we discuss:

  • Balancing football and family and the moment Simms, a quality control coach at the time, had to tell Bill Belichick this whole coaching thing wasn’t for him.

  • His playing days, from free-falling to the third round to playing quarterback for a drill sergeant like Jon Gruden.

  • What happened that day vs. Carolina and the moment the doctor brought his wife into the hospital room to say “goodbye.”

  • His annual quarterback rankings that always create a stir. This year, Simms put Josh Allen ahead of league MVP Aaron Rodgers. He’s high on Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr, too.

  • The 49ers’ decision at No. 3 overall. One of his best friends is Kyle Shanahan… but Simms wasn’t too thrilled with that Trey Lance pick. He explains why.

  • What makes Allen special? He meticulously breaks down how Allen has become such a force through the air and as a runner.

  • Simms was high on Jordan Love out of college, too, but believes Green Bay misplayed this whole quarterback situation. (We agree to disagree.)

It was a really fun time catching up with my former Bleacher Report pal. Would love it if you gave this episode a listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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