Podcast: Aaron Rodgers is unhappy... what now?

We dig into the saga and look back at the 2021 NFL Draft, from GM fist bumps to the Buffalo Bills trying to close that Chiefs gap.

This story is not going away any time soon. Aaron Rodgers is making sure of that.

Leak to leak to leak, he has made his intentions clear: The league MVP wants the hell out of Green Bay after 16 seasons.

I’ll be sure to share everything I’m hearing with subscribers to Go Long every step of the way with full analysis.

Here is our column on Monday explaining why the Packers would be wise to trade Rodgers, in case you missed it. A man who holds such a grudge is not going to budge. This week, subscribers can also be on the lookout for a follow-up story on the one player who can make all of this a lot easier for Green Bay: Jordan Love.

In the meantime, here’s the latest episode of the Go Long Podcast linked below. We analyze all angles of the standoff between Rodgers and the Packers. I think you’ll enjoy the perspective of my co-host, too. Jim Monos has worked in NFL front offices for two decades and been on the scouting trail with Packers GM Brian Gutekunst. He offers a few possible solutions that make sense.

Also, did the Buffalo Bills close the gap in the AFC by beefing up in the trenches? And just how precise were those on-camera fist bumps in the war rooms? Some were better than others.

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