Apr 14, 2021 • 1HR 10M

Longtime NFC exec Marc Ross on McNabb, Ralph Wilson and... benching Eli

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Tyler Dunne
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There are so many talking heads this time of year but few know what they're really talking about. 

We spend an hour-plus for this ep talking with someone who is in the know.

NFL Network's Marc Ross spent time in the front offices of Philly, Buffalo and the New York Giants and shares many, many stories from behind the scenes:

  • What was it like in the Eagles draft room up to the Eagles choosing Donovan McNabb over Ricky Williams?

  • Did Ralph Wilson really demand the Bills draft a certain running back? (Yes. Yikes.)

  • The role he played in benching Eli Manning and how it led to several firings. 

  • The one player you should absolutely believe in this 2021 draft. 

  • What made Kyle Williams special. 

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