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Isaiah McKenzie Show S2 Ep2: What was running through the receiver's mind that final play?

Isaiah McKenzie Show S2 Ep2: What was running through the receiver's mind that final play?

He answers the question on everyone's mind... in painstaking detail. As always, you only get raw honesty from Isaiah McKenzie. Also, what's it like to play in 100-degree heat?

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Hindsight is a beautiful thing. These last 48 hours, we’ve all been hyper-analyzing Isaiah McKenzie’s every step that final play against the Miami Dolphins.

Could he have gone out of bounds? Should he have collapsed? What was he thinking in real time?

On Episode 2 of “The Isaiah McKenzie Show,” we get answers. In immense detail, the Buffalo Bills wide receiver takes you all inside his mind.

The Bills fell to the Dolphins, 21-19. It was unbelievably frustrating, too, considering they outgained the home team by a whopping 497 yards to 212. McKenzie is also well aware that Buffalo ran 90 plays to Miami’s 39… in a sauna of a stadium. With the heat index soaring to 100 degrees, Bills players were melting one by one.

Honestly, this might’ve been one of my favorite chats with the team’s “Face of the Franchise.” We launched this show at Go Long to take fans beyond the insipid press conference and beyond the locker room for moments like this, for when we’re hoping for real stories behind everything we saw on Sunday.

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Much was discussed this hour…

  • The heat. Bills-Fins was a scene straight out of the 1982 “Epic in Miami.” What exactly does it feel like to lock up with cramps, need IV and puke your lungs out in the locker room? McKenzie compared this game to a battlefield.

  • The final play. McKenzie knew he needed to gain yardage for kicker Tyler Bass after catching a short pass over the middle. McKenzie also knew he needed to stop the clock. He relives it all second by painstaking second... right to that clock hitting 0:00. Yes, he heard from fans, too. One sent him a pretty hilarious picture telling McKenzie what he should’ve done.

  • Finishing. It’s the last hurdle this Super Bowl contender must clear. Why do the Bills’ struggle late in games?

  • Ken Dorsey’s freakout. Players loved it and players have seen this side of the Bills offensive coordinator many times before.

  • The rivalry. Real hatred between the Bills and Dolphins is finally back after a 20-year hiatus. McKenzie assures Buffalo cannot wait to play Miami in the cold.

  • Up next: Lamar. Ahead of Buffalo’s playoff win over the Ravens in 2020, McKenzie played the role of Lamar Jackson on the scout team in practice. Even though he’s actually a big part of the offense now, he hopes that continues.

  • McKenzie vs. Hyde. My co-host is ruthless. The safety’s neck injury only ramps this up.

  • Your questions! We had some gems.

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