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Isaiah McKenzie Show, S2, Ep1: Inside the gender reveal and the beatdown of the L.A. Rams

Isaiah McKenzie Show, S2, Ep1: Inside the gender reveal and the beatdown of the L.A. Rams


Not all gender reveals hit the mark. Many crash and burn.

Not all touchdown celebrations pan out, either.

Yet, Isaiah McKenzie certainly nailed this one. After scoring his first touchdown of the 2022 season, the Buffalo Bills’ slot receiver screamed “It’s a boy!” into the camera. As we all know now, the message was for his sister. The side-by-side videos quickly went viral.

There was much to discuss on Season 2, Episode 1 of “The Isaiah McKenzie Show.” We relived the Bills’ 31-10 smackdown of the Los Angeles Rams live from Mister’s Bar & Lanes in East Aurora, NY.

  • McKenzie dissects the two plays you all saw at home: his drop that led to an interception and his moment of redemption in the third quarter. His seven-yard touchdown catch says so much about playing in the slot. It’s a thinking man’s position.

  • How are the Bills handling historic Super Bowl expectations? An absurd amount of people are betting on this team to win it all. Fans may be nervous, but the players are not.

  • Stefon Diggs vs. Jalen Ramsey. It was not a fair fight. McKenzie, who describes himself as Diggs’ personal “babysitter” explains how Diggs went off.

  • What surprised him most from the win? The Bills’ dominant defensive line. (Even if Von Miller can’t dance.)

  • The last half of the show, McKenzie brings it back to the offseason. He could’ve signed with seven different teams as a free agent. Other clubs offered him more money than the Bills. But the receiver who arrived in Buffalo way back in 2018 says he wanted to finish the job right here because of his bonds with teammates.

  • How did he blow up in training camp? Good ‘ol fashioned hard work, and McKenzie got the message loud and clear when the team signed Jamison Crowder.

  • Ken Dorsey’s first game calling plays as the Bills’ offensive coordinator. McKenzie likes what he sees.

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The purpose of this show? To go beyond the press conference and the locker room. We want to give fans — the ones pouring millions of dollars into this sport — an authentic view of the sport. Something beyond poll-tested, sanitized cliches. Season 1 of The Isaiah McKenzie Show was a riot, so we’re back.

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