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Isaiah McKenzie Show, Ep 7: One shining moment

Isaiah McKenzie Show, Ep 7: One shining moment

What a month it’s been for Isaiah McKenzie.

Way back when the Buffalo Bills were shellacked by the Indianapolis Colts, 41-15, the receiver/returner was sent to the bench. Head coach Sean McDermott appeared to be making an example out of McKenzie after his fumble in the loss. And right then, as he explains on this week’s show, McKenzie feared his career with the Bills may be finished.

He was an inactive in New Orleans, then an inactive against the Patriots at home.

McKenzie finally got called back up for a handful of plays in Tampa Bay and then — with Cole Beasley and Gabriel Davis both on the Covid-19 list — McKenzie was needed on offense. He did not disappoint, either. In Buffalo’s 33-21 win over the Patriots, he caught 11 passes for 125 yards with one touchdown. Again and again, quarterback Josh Allen looked for McKenzie in crucial situations and now Super Bowl hopes are very real again for the Bills.

With Go Long, McKenzie digs into it all…

  • The benching. He breaks down his conversation with McDermott and what happened next personally. It took a few sleepless nights to get past his head coach’s decision. McKenzie was in his own head — this wasn’t easy.

  • How he dominated Bill Belichick’s defense. Not many receivers can live to tell these stories but McKenzie knew that, in man to man, no corner could keep up with him. He ate Myles Bryant's lunch.

  • His rapport with Josh Allen. He’s convinced they still have a rare connection that goes back to 2018 when Allen was a rookie and he was just trying to save his NFL career. The two are tight and Allen believed in him with Beasley and Davis both out.

  • Spending Christmas Eve with complete strangers. It's the ultimate Western New York story, isn't it? McKenzie was hungry, let folks know on social media and, voila, all of a sudden he's at the kitchen table with a family. He explains how it all happened.

  • His Georgia Bulldogs are playing in the College Football Playoff. (He wants a piece of ‘Bama in the title game, too.)

  • Remember when McKenzie’s chest landed on the ball? He’s still feeling the effects of that one.

  • What does the future entail for McKenzie? He’s been joking with teammates that coaches only use him one game a year, so who the heck knows what happens next. Maybe now, a calendar year later, he is this team’s secret weapon.

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