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Happy Hour Replay: Doug Whaley on... everything

Happy Hour Replay: Doug Whaley on... everything

Doug Whaley experienced just about everything in Buffalo and got into just about everything on our weekly Go Long Zoom Happy Hour with subscribers.

I figured I'd share another sneak peek here for anyone out there thinking about becoming a subscriber to the Go Long newsletter at GoLongTD.com. Each week, we have someone in the NFL on to chat with members and answer anything on your mind. The goal, always, is to tear down that wall between the league and fans as much as possible.

Whaley got into it all with members last Friday...

  • What it was like working with Russ Brandon

  • The 2014 draft and trading up for Sammy Watkins

  • The time he locked up with cramps in the draft war room

  • Why synergy between the front office and the coaches is so important

  • How tough it is to find a quarterback and what he's up to today

This week only you can subscribe to Go Long at 25 percent off with this coupon right here. When you choose the annual rate, you'll get a Go Long hoodie or crew on the house, too.

Thanks everyone! 

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