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Happy Hour: Isaiah McKenzie says goodbye to the Bills (and a lot more)

Happy Hour: Isaiah McKenzie says goodbye to the Bills (and a lot more)

He's back. Isaiah McKenzie hangs out with subscribers on the Go Long Happy Hour.

Everything is on the table with the former podcast co-host, too.

  • His Bills exit, and why he was surprised by Brandon Beane's 180-degree turn. (Deonte Harty's contract raised his eyebrows, too. Kudos to his agent.)

  • Brian Daboll's offense vs. Ken Dorsey's offense. What's the difference? A lot. He explains.

  • The playoff loss to Cincinnati. What the hell happened? Snow, he says, was a factor.

  • Is Stefon Diggs genuinely unhappy in Buffalo? McKenzie provides all context for the receiver's angry exit and cryptic tweets.

  • Heading to the Indianapolis Colts. He cannot wait to lead a young team quarterbacked by rookie Anthony Richardson.

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It's all about you, too. Let me know which players -- past or present -- you'd like to share a beer with, and I'll track 'em down.

Also, ICYMI, my two-part series on Kevin Kolb's surreal decade is live at Go Long: https://www.golongtd.com/p/part-i-what-happened-to-kevin-kolb

Thank you, everyone.

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