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Go Long Show: State of the Buffalo Bills

Go Long Show: State of the Buffalo Bills

They beat the Giants and, true, you make no apologies for winning in the NFL. But how much concern is justified in Western New York?
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Few remember the level of ugly to a victory in the NFL. Few will be able to recall just how close the Buffalo Bills were to near-disaster against the New York Giants.

But right now, this is a team lost in the woods.

The good news? It’s mid-October. Week 7. There’s plenty of time for the Bills to dust off a compass and find their way out. We examine the state of the team on this episode of the Go Long Show. Co-host Jim Monos, the team’s former director of personnel, offers his unique perspective as always.


  • Lyft/Uber etiquette. Some stunts don’t warrant the tip.

  • Rookie QBs. The start of Bryce Young’s career has been a nightmare, but how much is his fault?

  • Why a hearty rushing game is exactly what the doctor ordered in Buffalo.

  • Defensively, Monos pinpoints the areas of concern. Expect teams to take the fight to Sean McDermot’s team on the ground.

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