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Go Long Show: How will Super Bowl LVIII be remembered?

Go Long Show: How will Super Bowl LVIII be remembered?

Patrick Mahomes seized the moment. But Steve Spagnuolo also authored another gem and Kyle Shanahan? Yeah, we'll all be discussing overtime for months.

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Remember the days of Super Bowl blowouts? Me neither. Nine of the last 10 Super Bowls have been competitive games into the fourth quarter and that’s a win for all.

Kansas City’s 25-22 overtime victory over San Francisco wasn’t always pretty but it’ll be remembered right there with many of the best.

Patrick Mahomes asserted himself as an all-timer again. This is his NFL and he’s not close to finished.

But the team’s Super Bowl MVP quarterback is not the only storyline.

Steve Spagnuolo’s timely pressures. Chris Jones’ dominance. More Super Bowl gaffes from Kyle Shanahan. Travis Kelce nearly hockey-checking his 65-year-old head coach into the turf. There is much to discuss. We wrap up Super Bowl LVIII on the podcast with co-host Jim Monos.

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