Go Long Podcast: The Final Four is set

Don't miss this week's podcast with Jim Monos and Doug Whaley breaking down the divisional round. Both can see their former team, the Bills, winning it all.

Hope everyone is doing fantastic this Monday. What a weekend of football.

We wrapped it all up here in the Go Long Podcast late last night in case you missed it. You can find us at Apple right here and Spotify right there.

This was a fascinating conversation with my pod partner Jim Monos and our regular guest, ex-Bills GM Doug Whaley, on all things:

  • The Bills keep on rollin’ and they absolutely can see them winning it all.

  • Lamar Jackson is shut down. What does this mean for his future in Baltimore?

  • Andy Reid’s epic decision to throw to win on fourth and inches with Chad Henne, and why having a ballsy coach pays off in more ways than one.

  • Yes, the Packers have enough weapons around their QB. Whaley has high praise for Brian Gutekunst, the man who got the Packers’ GM job over him.

  • Devin White is animal. The guys explain why having a “junkyard dog” is so important. Tampa Bay found a special talent in White.

  • Patrick Mahomes now stands in the way of a Bills' Super Bowl. One can only imagine what’s going through Terry Pegula’s mind right now.

Also, be sure to check out last week’s podcast with Eric Moulds who weighed in on the Bills’ run.

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Also, this morning’s edition of The Thread can be found right here.

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