Go Long Podcast: How the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs to a bloody pulp

We break down a Super Bowl outcome that, honestly, we all should've seen coming...

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Super Bowl Champions.

This was no epic thriller, either — the Bucs defense beat up Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs’ passing attack from the get-go. On the Go Long Podcast this morning, Jim Monos and myself tried to make sense of this all.

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On the docket for Episode No. 14 today…

  • How exactly did Tampa Bay have Patrick Mahomes on his heels all… game… long?

  • Why didn’t Andy Reid just bite the bullet and run the ball? Shouldn’t the Chiefs have adjusted at some point?

  • There is only one Tom Brady. His impact on the Bucs went far beyond the football field, too.

  • Antoine Winfield’s magnificent taunt of Tyreek Hill. (C’mon, NFL.)

  • The media’s failure to barely acknowledge the Britt Reid story, and a lackluster broadcast overall.

Thank you for listening, everyone. You can count on the podcast to keep on rollin’ through the offseason, too.

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